You might have to be living in a tiny home off the grid to not notice the recent trend of tiny homes and mobile “pop-up” homes. Some people looking to minimize their living expenses and reduce their carbon footprint have really taken to this idea in the past few years.

Instant Backyard Additions

Some companies are taking this concept one step further by marketing small, shipping-container sized homes as backyard additions that can be used for any number of purposes. They’re calling them “backyard homes.” Montainer Homes is one company that gives you a way to instantly add a small guest house, private office, workshop, music studio or multi-purpose space right in your backyard. Another idea is to use the mini-home as an Airbnb rental that won’t interfere with your regular home life and provide a steady source of extra income.

Montainer offers one-, two- and three-container backyard home models depending on the size you want, along with custom-designed interior layouts to meet your style and needs. They are delivered and configured right at your property, including connection to your electrical grid. They are compliant with building codes just like other pre-fab modular/mobile homes, and can be permitted properly based on your location.

Research Your Options

There are many other companies out there providing similar modular homes and offices for various uses. I just happened to come across their website and was intrigued by their offerings—enough to at least share this concept with our blog’s readers. I am not promoting their services specifically in any way, so be sure and do your own research before deciding on a manufacturer.

I’ve talked with multiple local appraisers to see if these add-on backyard homes can be considered during property appraisals. What they’ve told me is…

Let Me Know What You Think

As a homeowner or future homeowner, what do you think of this idea to install small, modular homes as an add-on to your existing house? I’d love to hear what you think. Send me an email at or give me a call at (619) 929-0199. Of course, if you have any questions about getting a mortgage, refinancing your home or getting pre-approved for a loan, let me know. My Transparent Mortgage team and I are always happy to help.

Beau Hodson

Beau Hodson

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