It’s an exciting time in Chula Vista as the community continues to be revitalized. Residents throughout South San Diego County, including myself, can’t wait to see what will happen with a number of different development projects. Some are definitely on the horizon while others are still just in the proposal stage. No matter which move forward, it’s clear the City of Chula Vista is taking positive steps into the future and it should be a great boom for the area’s real estate market.

Here are just some of the significant development projects in the works:

Chula Vista Bayfront

The Port of San Diego has partnered with the City of Chula Vista to create something truly special. The full scope of the Chula Vista Bayfront project will ultimately represent the largest waterfront development on the West Coast with 600,000 square feet of restaurant/retail space, a beautiful marina, 220,000 more square feet of mixed-use commercial space, a massive parking garage and a large luxury hotel.

New University

Chula Vista has been wanting to develop a four-year university for a long time and the project continues to take steps toward reality. The city has already acquired 375 acres to use as a “University and Innovation District.” A possible bi-national university is one of the proposals to attract students from both sides of the border. However it shapes up, a new university would certainly lead to more growth and prosperity in the Chula Vista community.


Millenia is a large-scale residential development in the heart of Chula Vista, designed to be integrated with 80 walkable city blocks. The idea is that everything you need is close-to-home and it will lead to a more self-sustaining community environment. New developments like Millenia prove that Chula Vista is a city with its thumb squarely on the pulse of the future.

Corporate Attraction

There’s no doubt that these new developments and proposals will attract a lot of corporate attention. New businesses will want to be a part of the progressive Chula Vista community and these large developments, while major corporations are already taking note. Chula Vista is one of several potential target cities being looked at by Amazon, who is planning to build its second company headquarters. Even though Chula Vista does not seem to be one of the main choices, it’s still exciting to know that more major corporations are taking notice of the growth opportunities in Chula Vista.

What does all this new development and revitalization mean for the local real estate market? Well, more development—especially really progressive development projects like these—should keep pushing the local market forward and upward. If you’ve been considering buying a home in Chula Vista, now is a great time to get in before property values rise even more. If you are looking to refinance your Chula Vista home, it’s also an ideal time to take advantage of your growing equity and current low interest rates.

At Transparent Mortgage, we’re definitely encouraged to see everything that’s happening in Chula Vista and things only seem to be getting better for one of the San Diego area’s most vibrant communities. When you are ready to buy a home or refinance in Chula Vista or anywhere in San Diego County, call Transparent Mortgage today at (619) 929-0199.



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