Recently, Transparent Mortgage received its 100th review on Yelp. This is a great milestone, but what matters is that the company has maintained a 5-star rating. In fact, not one single Yelp review of Transparent Mortgage (dating back to February 2012) has received less than 5 stars! That’s quite an achievement that everyone on our team is very proud of.

“We are far from perfect and not every transaction is smooth and easy,” says Beau Hodson, owner and founder of Transparent Mortgage. “However, these ratings represent what really matters in business: the degree to which the client can see and feel our commitment, our hard work, the integrity with which we show up and operate from every day, the transparency and honesty every step of the way and lastly the fact that we care deeply about every client and every single transaction. These are the values that shine through no matter what.”

5-Stars Across the Board

The 100 5-star Yelp rating complements a matching 5-star overall ratings on Facebook (49 reviews) and Google (27 reviews). This is not easy to achieve, especially in the mortgage industry. So many things can happen during the course of securing a mortgage loan, and not everything is in the lender’s control. These perfect ratings and positive reviews show the Transparent Mortgage team’s commitment to customer service. They know that when you treat people right, good things are bound to happen.

Some Things Never Change

The first ever Yelp review of Transparent Mortgage came on February 28, 2012 from Merryn R. of Portland, OR. She worked with us on a home refinance. “We were really impressed with the personal attention and service we received,” Merryn wrote. “I can’t imagine large banks comparing to the level of follow up and care we experienced.”

Fast forward to almost exactly six years later and the 100th review of Transparent Mortgage posted on Yelp by Heidi V. “These folks are truly among the best we have ever met,” she writes. “5 stars through and through. Transparent Mortgage is the REAL deal. No one can compete with the likes of Beau Hodson and Danica White. World class.”

Expressing Gratitude

Beau is especially grateful to everyone, including everyone who currently works at Transparent Mortgage along with all past team members who provided such high standards of service. “Mostly, I want to thank each and every one of our clients who took the time to write these reviews,” Beau adds. “It means so much.”

It’s been a great six years on Yelp, and Transparent Mortgage is only getting started. We’re looking forward to many more wonderful years of serving clients throughout our hometown San Diego area and throughout Southern California as our geographic reach continues to expand.

Thank you everyone!

Keith Lindsey
Keith Lindsey joined Transparent Mortgage in December of 2016 as a blogger and content manager. Keith works with Beau and the team to help them tell their stories and share what Transparent Mortgage is all about. He lives in Rancho Mirage, CA and is a golf enthusiast.
Keith Lindsey