When I started Transparent Mortgage in 2012, I wanted communication and trust to be the cornerstones of this business. After working for years at bigger mortgage companies, I realized that a lot of the customers came in feeling somewhat unsure about the process. Perhaps a friend or family member had a bad mortgage experience in the past or they just had a general negative perception of mortgage brokers.

Putting Our Customers First

I wanted to change that perception one client at a time, which is what inspired me to start my own gig. The goal was to build a small, but dynamic team of mortgage professionals who shared this key belief: We would focus on the needs of our clients first and remove the inherent conflicts of serving our own interests first or the interest of our lenders/investors that pay us. We would not be driven by how many loans we could close in a month, but rather by creating positive results for the clients who were trusting us to serve their lending needs. I firmly believed if we approached our business this way, good things would happen naturally and the business would grow organically.

When it came to naming my mortgage brokerage, I was looking for something that would represent these core values of communication and trust. The word “transparent” came to mind. Nothing is better in this type of business than transparency. Clients deserve to know exactly what’s going on and be given honest advice throughout the home buying or refinancing process.

Exploring Every Option

We understand it can be stressful committing to a major home loan. We’ve all bought homes ourselves and know the trepidation you might be feeling. That’s why we provide all the information and insight you need throughout the process. We’ll help you research all your loan options (even if you have bad credit) and answer any of your questions. This way, you can make informed decisions and feel confident about every move you make.

The Importance of Loan Pre-Approval

One of the biggest things we recommend is getting pre-approved for your mortgage loan, rather than just getting pre-qualified. A pre-qualification is a simpler process, but it won’t actually get you very far. A pre-approval is more involved and it will really help you gain a better understanding of your financial situation. You will have a stronger idea of what you can truly afford to borrow and you will be in a position of strength when it comes time to make an offer on a home you wish to buy.

Sellers will want assurances that your loan won’t fall through during the escrow process and pre-approval documentation is a valuable sign that your borrowing situation is solid. It also makes the final loan approval process much smoother because much of the heavy lifting is already done during the pre-approval stage.

Transparency in Lending

Recommending a loan pre-approval is just one example of our “transparent” approach to mortgage lending. We are committed to providing honest advice and real information, even if it’s not always what our client wants to hear. You deserve to know exactly what’s going on. If there are any concerns, we’ll let you know before you waste your time or go down a bad path.

If you are buying a home or looking to refinance, come see what the “Transparent” in Transparent Mortgage is all about. My team will take care of you every step of the way. Call us today at (619) 929-0199.

Beau Hodson

Beau Hodson

About the Author Since 2003, Beau has been a mortgage professional and is a leading mortgage broker and lender in San Diego. As Founder and Senior Mortgage Advisor at Transparent Mortgage, he is truly committed to serving the needs of his clients and raising industry standards for integrity and transparency.